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A company started with the determination to make a difference.

Hey gang! This is a blogpost written by me, Emelie, biohakk's founder.

What I am going to share with you comes from my heart and own personal experience.

Firstly, I want to tell you about the determination to bring this special brand to life and secondly, how it all came together.

When I was 20, my body suddenly started to become sick a lot. I’d just finished my marketing and business studies, launched a business, and met my husband to be. It began with me getting a fever every other week, constant throat pain and after a while tiredness came like a heavy blanket over me and never left.

I had some good weeks where I felt maybe 50% of the old me and I had bad weeks where I could not get out of bed. I spent more than 5 years of struggling and going to different doctors.

When I first got the diagnosis of Hypothyroidism, it took me 5 years to find a doctor who would balance my medicine and help with this uncomfortable tiredness and pain.

My son was 3 years old when I had another period of not being able to get out of bed. My life was a living hell until I met someone very different, a functional doctor. After years of being mistreated, I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. This amazing medical professional put me on natural supplements and 6 months diet plan.

Firstly, I didn’t notice any differences in my body. After 4.5 months of taking these products and following the instructions, I started to have the energy and gradually felt the “20-year-old me” again. I used to have all those great ideas and plans for myself, but as soon as it came down to anything about them? The energy just wasn’t there; being unable to do the things I wanted; cancelling plans left me feeling guilty, or my dreams that I had to put on pause and lost parts of my personality – so frustrating! All due to the constant tiredness. The nights were the worst, with the pain so intense when turning over. It took over every inch of me. I wished for a morning to come faster!

When you have experienced this, you wish nobody else would have to. And the thought; If I could help just one person to not having to go through that tiredness, pain or other difficult health challenge it would be worth so much money, time and hard work.

So, as a way of fulfilling this desire for good in the world – I became very clear about having quality health products available through my e-commerce site Good Avenue! I started searching for a perfect manufacturer, products and formulators, but I couldn’t find anyone who could meet my standards. Not even close!

After months of searching, one day, on the same street as our Good Avenue office I met a lady; Mariela. We really clicked and talked a lot about health and wellness. She told me all her professional stories, which included supplements of all kinds! It turned out she’s a supplement formulator! I was so amazed by her vast knowledge, experience and big heart she puts into things.

The conversation ended into an invitation of Mariela and her colleague Raul to our office. They got an opportunity to also meet my husband who runs a marketing agency. So, it all was a match made in heaven. We shared the same vision and goal to make a real difference. To not only create products that sound good or cool, but to truly help people with their major health struggles.

Their 20 years’ experience and research into quality ingredients and combinations was truly impressive. We are excited to say that because of our meetup, we will be launching what we think are the best products on the market.

With the top-quality ingredients in the right amount of each and studied and tested formulas; these will be unbeatable items on your shelf! We can’t wait to introduce them all in a due course.

Now we want to know what kind of health challenges you struggle with most (for example: tiredness, stress, pain, depression, immune system etc.). To help us decide which ones of biohakk’s ready formulated products we should launch first and maybe see a need for another biohakk product.

You know what? Through our collaboration with Rainforest Trust, we’ll save 75 trees just by you commenting on this post. Isn’t that great feeling?


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